An Introduction to Dataflow Programming : Part 3

An Intro to the Exaptive Studio | taught by Luke Tucker
  • 18 Texts
  • 1.5 hrs

Course Curriculum

What You'll Learn
What You'll Learn
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An Introduction to the Studio UI
Understanding the Exaptive Data Model
Merge Gates
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Applying the Fundamentals: Building a Xap
Overview and Materials
Creating and Renaming a New Xap
Getting Data in the Xap
Learning a Bit About the Data
A More Advanced Visualization
Leveraging Interaction
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Styling and Publishing a Xap
Adding a Layout Component
Adding Text
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Enrichment Exercises
Try out different data.
Entity Filters and Value Selector Expressions
Entity Filter and Value Selector Expressions Answers
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Course description

Learn some fundamental concepts and build a simple xap


Luke Tucker
Luke Tucker
Director of Customer Success