So You're Comfortable with the Exaptive Fundamentals...

Build a Simple Xap | taught by Luke Tucker Watch Intro Video
  • 11 Videos
  • 2 Texts
  • 1.5 hrs

Course Curriculum

Getting Started
Adding Components to the Studio
Everything You'll Need
Creating a Xap
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A Basic Xap
Uploading a File
Getting Data from the Quandl API
Adding a Visualization
Leveraging Interaction
Driving Visualizations with Interaction
Updating Entity Inputs
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Viewing, Publishing, and Sharing the Xap
Previewing, Publishing, and Sharing Your Xap
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Extending the Xap
Using a Layout Template
Leveraging Merge Gates in New Ways
Merge Gates Code
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Course description

This tutorial walks through the process of building a basic Xap - a data application built with the Exaptive Studio. We cover foundational concepts like dataflow, components, using merge gates, and projections.

But this shouldn't be your first foray into the Studio. This tutorial is for when you're ready to put the fundamentals together.

The goal is to give you a taste of the Exaptive Studio's potential, an understanding of it's basic functionality, and a basic Xap you can use.


Luke Tucker
Luke Tucker
Developer and Data Analyst