Data Analysis in Python

Using data analysis to drive visualizations. | taught by Mark Wissler
  • 8 Texts
  • 1.0 hr

Course Curriculum

Using Python for Data Analysis​
Using Python for Data Analysis​
Make a Component
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Dependencies: apt and pip
Installing Dependencies
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Component Edits
Writing Python
Within a Xap
Analysis Time
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Visualization Integration
Run it and Visualize
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Course description

Learn how to use Python to analyze data and use the results to drive visualizations in Exaptive Studio.

If you complete this tutorial, you will:

  • Create a python component
  • Create a xap
  • Use a static data asset CSV in your xap
  • Use scikit-learn to run K-Means on a dataset
  • Visualize the data using Parallel Coordinates
  • Adjust visualizations using HTML/CSS


Mark Wissler
Mark Wissler
Full Stack Developer and Data Scientist