Build a Python Component

Access an API with Python | taught by Luke Tucker Watch Intro Video
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Course Curriculum

Getting Started
Prereqs and Getting to Know the API
Creating a New Component
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Editing the Component
Adding a Description
Installing Dependencies
Adding Interaction Points (Inputs and Outputs)
Renaming the Function
Accessing Inputs in the Script
Making the Call
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Testing and Using
Testing Your Component
Using Your Component
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Course description

In this course we walk through the steps required to use the Quandl API for retrieving financial data.
You'll learn how to:
  • Build a Python Component (including installing dependencies)
  • Connect to the Quandl API
  • Generate a Duffle of Data
  • Use Granular Inputs
  • Add tags
  • Update Component Images

NOTE: This tutorial requires a working knowledge of Python.


Luke Tucker
Luke Tucker
Director of Customer Success